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Rules of UFL

Post by TyzDaMan on Fri Oct 07, 2016 1:33 pm


1.1 - Squads must have a minimum of 18 players. Anyone who doesn't have 18 players at the start of a season will be deducted 3 points per player.

1.2 - Squads will begin with a transfer budget of £700m. Each season, there will be a wage cap in place, starting at £700k. If a transfer will take the wages above the wage cap, then that transfer will be void. Should a wage cap be exceeded due to contract renewals, then there will be a fine of £100k from the transfer budget for every £1k of wages exceeded at the start of a season.

1.3 - First season of UFL - every member is to submit an 11 man squad from the initial player list of Premier League players, that fits within a £500m transfer limit, and £600k wage limit. Any players that only appear on a single members submission, will be signed for that club at the transfer value/wage value. All other players (either selected on multiple member submissions, or not selected at all) will be available to purchase under auction.

1.4 - Future seasons of UFL - Player's can be brought/sold during transfer window, with one manager posting the transfer and the other confirming. A player can not move more then once per window. Players from other leagues, will be introduced in future seasons, to be advised.

1.5 - You can loan players out for full season, with wages being paid by the team that is taking the player on loan.

1.6 - When you have an active bid on the auction you must have the money to cover the bid and the players wages in your transfer budget/salary cap otherwise the bid will be void

1.7 - Transfer list player has a 6 hour window, but if you open up a bid and no-one else bid's in 2 hour's then you win that player,when bidding you can bid what you want there no min or max

1.8 - Each player on signing will have a contract length of three seasons. When a player is approaching the end of their contract, the member can renew the contract for a further three seasons (increasing their wages by 10%), or release the player for free.  If you wish to release a player that is still in contract, it will cost you £2.5 million from your transfer budget.

Game/Posting Rules

2.1 - Home Team invites to game.

2.2 - Winner Posts result and if it is a draw then the home team will post the result.

2.3 - All games will be played in online friendlies with custom squads set for transfers to work

2.4 - All games are to be 6 minutes long

2.5 - Tactical Defending only No legacy

2.6 - No editing players

2.7 - No blatant hacking of the last man, or scoring tramp goals. If a member is caught doing so, report the rule break (via video) and we can collectively agree whether the member deserves a punishment - 1 rule break is a warning, 2 in a season is a 3 point deduction.


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