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Post by TyzDaMan on Fri Oct 07, 2016 1:44 pm

Season One

The first season will begin with 16 players. Everybody will play everyone once in the first 2 weeks (ending Sunday 23 October). The second set of games will be open to be played in the following three weeks to Sunday 13 November.

Running alongside the league will be a knock out cup, played with a single leg (draws going to replays). The first round is to be played by 16 October.

After the first two weeks, the teams who are in the top 8 of the league will be entered into the first Champions League (two groups, with top two from each group making it to the semi finals). The bottom 8 teams will take part in a Europa cup (two groups, with top two from each making it to the semi finals).

Season Two

The final standings in the league will decide who makes Champions League for next season (top Cool and Europa League (all others). The winner of each European competition will play a European Super Cup final in the next season, and the winner of the FA cup and the league will also face off in a Charity Shield.


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